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Lleida City Council organised the second edition of the Smart People with Smart Ideas Prize with the aim of recognising people, companies and entities that have thought up new concepts, products and services to help to improve and transform the lives of people and society and/or that have had a significant or innovating impact on the market. These were projects that had been developed from their ideas and which were based on the intelligent and innovative use of the technological resources and services that are provided by new technology and telecommunications services.

This prize basically sought to award people, companies and entities with the capacity to convert an idea into a concrete product, service or process, applied to some aspect of reality, based on the use of new technologies and services, and that this idea should favour a paradigm shift and an improvement in people's day-to-day lives.

The prize recognised creative and transformative activity in a new, global, networked world.  All of its dynamics and activity was therefore be based on this new environment and also on the ability of people and companies to move, interact, create, express themselves, participate and grow within this new environment.

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