La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

Conditions of use telephone of attention 010

Available of 06:00h to 00:00h, Monday to Friday.
Professional served by the City council of Lleida, Pl. Paeria núm. 1 25007 Lleida. This service provides information and services of added value, will be able to ask for information of the city and to realise municipal managements. If it wishes to communicate with the dependencies of the City council of Lleida it calls to the Service of Switchboard to telephone 973 700 300 in office schedule.

Telephone number that you have to mark
From Lleida: 010
From outside the municipality: 807 117 118
From the foreigner: 00 34 807 117 118

Cost of the call
Establishment of call: 0,34€ (VAT included)
Cost/minute: 0,26€ (VAT included) price per seconds

807 117 118:
The maximum price of the call is of 0.47 € per minute from fixed network and 0.77 € per minute from moving grid, taxes including and priced per seconds
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